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 Venturi & Scrubber

High-velocity spray venturi scrubbers are a traditional and well-known 
method for removing fine dust particles from industrial air streams.  
Venturi scrubbers, (including ejector venturis and eductor venturis), 
are often installed to remove fine particles from volatile, hazardous or 
corrosive gas streams, or gas streams containing solid materials that 
are difficult to handle.  They have been widely used throughout the 
chemical industry for decades.

The collection efficiency and return-on investment realized with venturi 
scrubbers are equal, in most cases, to that of a baghouse or electrostatic
precipitator.  Venturi scrubbers have a somewhat lower performance 
efficiency, and (due to their use of high-pressure fans and other factors) 
a significantly higher operating cost, than a Cloud Chamber Scrubber

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